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Wallenford Estate® Jamaica Blue Mountain® Coffee - 100g Whole Beans

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Wallenford Estate coffee is some of the most sought after coffee beans in the world. This unique coffee has an intense aroma and perfect balance of acidity and body, with minimal bitterness.  It comes from a recognised growing region in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica, and its cultivation is monitored by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica. The Blue Mountains are generally located between Kingston to the south and Port Antonio to the north. Rising to 2,300 metres (7,500 ft), they are some of the highest mountains in the Caribbean. The climate of the region is cool and misty with high rainfall. The soil is rich, with excellent drainage. This combination of climate and soil is considered ideal for coffee.


Jamaica Blue Mountain is a trade mark of Coffee Marks Ltd and Wallenford Estate is a trade mark of the Wallenford Coffee Company Ltd; both of Kingston, Jamaica. Used under license.