About Us


The world-class beans used in all Jamaica Blue coffee varieties are carefully selected from the world’s best coffee growing regions, including the majestic Blue Mountains of Jamaica – one of the best coffee-producing regions in the world.


Fresh green coffee beans arrive in hessian sacks and wooden barrels at our state-of-the-art roasting plant in Melbourne. The facility is fully automated which means human hands never touch and contaminate the prized beans. All debris are removed including any small rocks and twigs, as well as any individual beans that are deemed the wrong size or weight.


Once filtered, the green beans are sent into the roasting machines and exposed to 350-degree heat. The roasting process is analysed and controlled to the second. The coffee is then rested for three to four days to stabilise and develop the unique  Jamaica Blue flavour.


The way a coffee is packaged is as important to its quality in the cup as the selection, preparation and roasting processes. Jamaica Blue coffee is shipped in state-of-the-art, durable, packaging that ensures we keep the fresh mountain air in every cup.


Our Master Coffee Expert Jeremy Regan answers some questions


How did your passion for coffee begin?

My passion started when I was involved in opening a café back in the 90’s and I realised making a great coffee wasn’t as easy as everyone thought! This started me on a journey of learning as much as I could about the beans, espresso machines and grinders and how to train baristas. That knowledge quest has taken me all around the world from cafés to coffee farms to espresso machine factories and roast facilities!

Tell us about the Jamaica Blue blend - how was it developed?

The blend was developed for the modern Australian palette – it needed to be well balanced and smooth as an espresso but still have enough body to be a great milk coffee as well. Selecting the beans and origins for the blend took a little while but we are very, very happy with end result and it seems our customers are as well!

What's your favourite coffee region and why?

At the moment my favourite region is Ethiopia – there are some awesome coffees being produced there, with some producers using different processing methods for the same beans to bring out completely different taste characteristics. Always exciting when your job revolves around tasting and cupping coffees!

How do you like to brew coffee at home?

Well I’m lucky enough to have a sexy shiny espresso machine and grinder on my kitchen bench, it cost me a lot of money 10 years ago but is still going strong and was worth every penny – my wife loves the flat whites I make her (which keeps me in the good books!). But I also brew filter coffee and occasionally some plunger as well – the flavours you can get from these brewing methods are so different to espresso coffee.


The Jamaica Blue name and/or logo are owned by Foodco Group Pty Ltd or its subsidiary Jamaica Blue Pty Ltd in Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain. Elsewhere they are trademarks of Coffee Marks Ltd of Kingston, Jamaica and used under licence.