A world of flavours in every cup

Take a sip of Jamaica Blue’s superior-tasting coffee and you will discover a delicate balance of rich flavours, subtle aromas and complex tasting notes. Mild acidity meets full-bodied character topped with a perfectly golden crema, giving rise to an exceptional drinking experience.

The name Jamaica Blue comes from the majestic Blue Mountains of Jamaica – one of the best coffee-producing regions in the world and home to our exclusive Wallenford Estate® Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. In addition to this sensational single-origin coffee, customers can enjoy our superior-tasting Jamaica Blue Signature™ Blend – sourced from five of the world’s best coffee-growing regions – and deliciously flavoursome Jamaica Blue Organic Fairtrade Blend (also available in decaffeinated) by the cup in all our cafes.

The world-class beans used in all our coffees are expertly roasted to showcase their unique properties. Once these beans reach our cafés, our highly-skilled baristas are on hand to work their magic, using their coffee-making expertise to produce an excellent cup, time and time again.

And the final result? A divine drink that lifts your mood, revives your spirits and allows you to simply stop for a while and enjoy your very special coffee moment.